Best Golf Rangefinders Under $300

People always like to play and enjoy golf with their families. Most times on weekends and especially on vacations, most families find golf playing the best option to make some family memories. With the help of a sturdy and durable golf rangefinder, you can play golf with more enjoyment. In the market different price ranges, the best golf rangefinder under $300 is available some are expensive while some are cheap.

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In this article, after spending some time on the best golf rangefinder analysis, we bring a list of the top 5 golf rangefinders under $300. The detailed reviews of these leading golf rangefinders help you to play a legal tournament without any problem. After reviewing these leading golf rangefinder in the next section, we will also describe some important factors related to their buying. After that, we will also answer some questions that will relax your mind after the review. Let’s have a look at these top best rangefinder under $300.

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder In 2022

Product Name RatingPrice
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Profey 6X Laser Rangefinder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Precision Pro Golf, NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell is a famous brand in selling high-quality rangefinder. They provide rangefinder for hunting, golfing, and for many other reasons. Make your golf tournament more enjoyable and legal. They offer you a Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder.

golf rangefinder under 300


The dimensions of this rangefinder are 3.1 x 4 x 1.6 inches, while its weight is 12 ounces. It gives you a range of measuring yards from 5-1000 yards. Moreover, its flag measurement range is 400+ yards. With its 5x magnification power, you can easily target any object.

Its crystal bright LCD gives you a comfortable reading option in all seasons. This rangefinder comes up with pin seeker and jolt technology. These technologies make the targeting effortless as they provide you with confirmation of target locking with a small vibration

In the rainy season, you can continue your golf tournament due to its water resistance body. Besides this, its fast focus system lets you detect the target in just a few minutes. For its powerful working, it needs 3- volts CR2 lithium battery.

The accuracy range of this rangefinder is 1 yard while it gives you a field view of 368 feet at 1000 yards. It’s class 1 laser offers you an average power output of 0.5mW. With all of its amazing features, it comes up with a two-year warranty worth your money.

What’s inside the box?

Its box includes a protective skin, CR2 battery, and a carrying case.

What We Find Good

  • Pinseeker technology
  • Class 1 laser
  • 5X magnification

What We May Not Find Good

  • No Bluetooth
  • No slope switch


2. TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder

The TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder is the top pick in our list of best-rangefinders under $300 due to its excellent features. With all fantastic advanced technology features and sturdy construction, you will experience an ultimate enjoyment in playing golf tournaments.

golf rangefinder under 300


This rangefinder offers you to play a legal tournament with its easy switch slope functions. To turn off the slope feature, you need to attach the faceplate into place. The yellow light shows the slope on the feature, while the black one shows a non-slope feature.

It features the latest optical technology to measure the yard distance. It gives you a different accuracy level at different yard measurements. At a distance of up to 300 yards, it gives you the accuracy of ± 0.3 yards, while at a distance of upto 600 yards, its accuracy level is ± 0.5 yards. Besides this, it gives you ± 1-yard accuracy at a distance of up to 1,000 yards.

With its 6x magnification power, it gives you opaque clear, bright images. Its target lock technology catches the flags at a yard distance of up to 450 easily. Moreover, with pin sensor technology, you can lock the target with more confidence after its small vibration.

Sometimes due to rain and moisture, the rangefinder shows the wrong rating and does not do proper functioning. This rangefinder comes up with a waterproof and moisture-resistant body that gives you excellent durability options. Besides this, it also offers you a 2-year warranty with full lifetime customer support.

What’s inside the box?

Its box comes up with a premium carrying pouch, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, quick start guide, and CR2 battery. Moreover, inside the box, there is a quick start guide that helps you understand its features.

What We Find Good

  • 6x magnification
  • Pinsensor technology
  • Scan and slope mode

What We May Not Find Good

  • Sometimes it does not vibrate while it locks the target

3. Profey 6X Laser Rangefinder 

If you are hunting for a powerful magnification golf rangefinder to make your golf tournament more enjoyable, then the Profey Golf Rangefinder is best to choose. With this rangefinder, you can enjoy affordability, powerful magnification, and durability features at a time.


The total weight of this rangefinder is 187g. Its ergonomic design gives you a firm grip to hold the rangefinder in any condition. During the rainy and foggy season, it’s waterproof body plus fog-resistant features allow you to play golf without any trouble.

The best thing about this rangefinder is that it comes up with jolt technology. After detecting the target during range scanning, it jolt technology confirms the target by giving a small vibration. After vibration, it displays the total target object distance on the screen.

In its default scanning mode, it targets the object under 1500 yards. If your target is lying beyond the range of 1500 yards, then it will display no data. Its slope tech feature allows you to display slope range data and slope angle data simultaneously.

It features a continuous scan mode function. With this function, you need to press the switch button and move the lens toward your target location. The target will automatically be detected With its continuous scan mode. This rangefinder also gives you a 1-year warranty with lifetime customer support. Surprisingly this rangefinder comes under $200 but worths more than that.

What’s inside the box?

Its box comes up with a gift box, carrying bag, 2 CR2 batteries, a cleaning cloth, lanyard, carabiner, and user manual.

What We Find Good

  • Jolt tech
  • Continuous scan mode
  • Waterproof body

What We May Not Find Good

  • Sometimes give false yard measurement

4. Precision Pro Golf, NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder

The  Precision Pro Golf, NX9 Slope Golf Rangefinder, is the most appropriate option for choosing features like flexibility, user friendly, and affordability in a golf rangefinder. Using this rangefinder, you will experience another enjoyable way to play the golf tournament.

rangefinder golf under 300


This rangefinder comes up with improved and advanced golf club selection and with the adjusted yards. Its slope mode on and off feature is trouble-free. With just a click of one button, you can enjoy a legal golf tournament with this rangefinder.

Its pulse vibration technology adds confidence to lock your target. When the rangefinder measures the right distance, it gives you an alert by a small vibration. The best thing about this rangefinder is that it features a built-in magnet facility. With the help of its magnet, you can easily mount it on the cart.

It gives you a sloping display of a 22mm viewfinder that displays crystal clear optics due to its high quality 6x magnification power. You can easily toggle between its elevation slope and non-slope modes due to its easy-to-use adaptive slope technology.

The accuracy level of this rangefinder is 1 yard. In a range of 400-yard capacity, it displays a measurement of 1/10 yards. Its water resistance body allows you to enjoy the longevity features. Its care package gives you a 2- year full warranty, trade-in allowance, and industry-leading support. If you register your rangefinder, then you can enjoy the lifetime battery replacement option with this rangefinder.

What’s inside the box?

This rangefinder comes with a premium hard carrying case, 3V CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, lanyard, and instructional manual.

What We Find Good

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Pulse vibration technology

What We May Not Find Good

  • Battrey problem

5. Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are looking for an ergonomic design, easy to use golf rangefinder then you are in the right place. The Callaway EZ Scan Golf Laser Rangefinder is the most suitable option for beginners and professional ones to shoot flawless golf shoots. Let’s have a look at its excellent features.

golf rangefinder 300


The person who has a problem with a shaky hand finds it difficult to use a rangefinder and get accurate measurements. But this rangefinder makes the yard measurements effortless for all shaky hand people. With the help of its EZ scan, you can scan the target with just one click.

It gives you an accuracy range of +/-1 yards. With its EZ laser lock and pin acquisition technology, you can lock up your target at a distance of 275 yards. It comes up with an exterior LCD on which you get the accurate internal distance reading.

The best thing about this rangefinder is that along with its all the latest technology, it gives a user-friendly interface. It has 5x magnification gives you a distance of up to 5- 800 yards.

Its dimensions 8 x 6 x 4 inches make its size more compatible to use in any season with comfort. Its 12.8 ounces weight makes its use more convenient for shaky hands.

This rangefinder features a Magna golf cart mount that makes the flag scanning hassle-free. The integrated magnets give you a robust sickness of rangefinder on the cart mount. There is no more trouble packaging the rangefinder in a bag and protecting it from rain due to its water and fog-resistant body.

What’s inside the box?

It comes with a 3V CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, built-in hand support strap, and premium hard carry case with carabiner.

What We Find Good

  • Magna Golf cart mount
  • User friendly
  • Pin acquisition technology

What We May Not Find Good

  • Sometimes give a wrong reading


Buying Guide For Golf Rangefinder Under $300

Best Golf Rangefinder Under $300
Infographic: Best Golf Rangefinder Under $300

The buying of a golf rangefinder is not a very tricky thing. There is no hard and fast rule required in rangefinder buying. Some important factors make your golf rangefinder buying trouble-free. To make your life comfortable in this section, we will describe some of these crucial rangefinder buying factors. Let’s have a look at these factors.


The first important thing in the buying of a golf rangefinder is their accuracy level. If the rangefinder lacks inaccuracy so you can not hit the right shot at the right time. Furthermore, the best golf finder gives you a perfect accuracy level of at least 500 yards. Rangefinder with absolute accuracy always helps you to win the golf tournament.


There are different brands in the markets selling the best golf rangefinder with slope and without slope functions. Mainly it depends on you whether you like to play golf with a slope rangefinder or not. If you want a slope rangefinder, then it must allow you to play a legal golf tournament. The switching of slope functions must be as easy as pie so that you can enjoy a legal golf tournament but in COVID it might not be possible. You can check the tips to play GOLF in COVID-19.

Pin seeker

The pin seeker technology is the best feature in a leading golf rangefinder. With this feature’s help, you can lock your target with accuracy, precision, and confidence. This technology gives you an alarm with a small vibration when it finds the right target. Moreover, this feature also helps you to find the targeted flag with accuracy.


Q. What is the best golf rangefinder for the money?

A. The best rangefinder for money is TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder. This rangefinder offers you to play a legal golf tournament with its durability and flexibility features. Moreover, its water and fog-resistant body allow you to enjoy golf in the rainy season.

Q. Are cheap golf rangefinders any good?

A. The features and functions of rangefinder vary with their price. It is not necessary that if you want to play golf, you will need an expensive rangefinder. In the market, some brands offer good quality low budget rangefinder that makes your golf tournament legal and enjoyable.

Q. Are rangefinders worth it?

A. Yes, a rangefinder is worth your money in many ways. They offer you low maintenance features along with their highly advanced measuring functions. Moreover, with their benefits, you can easily win your golf tournament.

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Conclusion for Golf Rangefinder under $300 in 2022

In summing up with the article, we believe that you will like our best golf rangefinder under $300. All of your problems related to their choice are gone away. It is recommended to check the buying factors carefully whenever you want to buy a rangefinder. All the rangefinder mentioned above serves you best in their features and specifications. You can easily pick any of the rangefinders mentioned above to play a more enjoyable legal golf tournament. As we reach the end, hereafter our work, your valuable suggestions are very important for us. If you like our review, give us feedback in the comment section and hit the like button.

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