Top 10 Best Rangefinder For Golf In 2023 – Detailed Guide

The guessing game of where the pins are is not the way you golf nowadays. The game has moved on from such outdated methods as now people prefer to use rangefinders to correctly calculate the yardage to the flag.

To improve your game, you have to be equipped with the best rangefinder for golf which has a variety of technical features. These usually have a flag lock mechanism, slope technology, and a Pinsensor feature that correctly read the distance to the pin so that you can hit accurate shots.

Now, keeping in mind the needs of a professional golfer we have selected these 10 rangefinders which will give you an edge in preciseness and accuracy over your counterparts.

So, without further ado let’s start with the reviews.

Top 10 Best Rangefinder for Golf Lovers!

Golf Rangefinder NameRange to FlagMagnification
Callaway Laser Rangefinder1000 yards6x
PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder500 yards6x
Gogogo Sport Vpro650 yards6x
AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder650 yards6x
Precision Pro NX7 400 yards6x
Leupold Pincaddie 2650 yards6x
WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder800 yards6x
Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro800 yards6x
Golf Buddy Laser Lite800 yards6x
BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V51200 yards6x

1. Callaway Laser Rangefinder – Top Quality Rangefinder

Callaway laser rangefinder is all about the precise calculation of the distance to the pin or flag. It has fantastic features like precise slope measurement that help you in dealing with elevations on the golf course. In addition to this, it has a massive 1000 yards range which can be used for golf as well as other purposes like hunting. Now, without any further wait, let’s break this rangefinder down.

Best Features That You Need to Know

First things first, it is the best seller on Amazon which proves that the rangefinder does everything as advertised. The people love it mainly because of its precise slope measurement which helps them in hitting difficult shots.

In addition to this, the pin locking mechanism in this top-quality rangefinder is great because it can lock the pin up to 300 yards. This diverse range gives you an edge over your opponent as you have a better chance of hitting the pin.

Last but not the least, your lens on the new Callaway rangefinder has a 6x magnification which allows you to zoom in and spot the pin and flags with a bit of ease & stabilization. This rangefinder works perfectly for shaky hands as well.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6x Magnification
  • 1000 yards
  • Pin-locking technology
  • Precise slope measurement

What We Find Good

  • Lightweight design that is easy to use
  • Extensive range for spotting pins and flags
  • Pin locking technology is accurate
  • Slope measurement is present
  • Comes with a hard-carrying case

What We May Not Find Good

  • The chirping sound is annoying
  • Battery drains a little when not in use
Final Views

It is one of the best options to have if you are a professional golfer who plays on golf courses that have varying elevations. The slope measurement feature of the rangefinder gives in-depth details of the slope which increases your chances of hitting a successful shot.

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2. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder

Golf has constantly evolved in the past couple of decades. To be the best you have to equip yourself with all the best golf gadgets which you can use to bring creativity to your game so that you can beat anyone on a given day. PEAKPULSE golf rangefinder is an advanced rangefinder with features like pulse vibration and precise slope adjustment technology that you can use on the golf course! Let’s find more about it next.

Important Features That You Need to Know

First things first, the 6Pro slope version has a great ergonomic design that is easy to use. The rangefinder has a good quality lens which ensures that you have a clear view of the target at all times.
When it comes to technical aspects the best golf rangefinder has a ton of them. You have a fast focus system that focuses on the target. Not only this, but it also has the slope switch technology which comes in handy when you have to hit downhill shots.
In addition to this, your brand-new golf rangefinder has a flag acquisition option which you can use to lock on to the flag so that you never lose sight of the target.
Last but not the least; you have tons of accessories in the package including a carrying case, CR2 battery, cleaning cloth, etc.

Technical Specifications:

  • 500 yards range
  • 6x magnification
  • Fast focus system
  • Flag acquisition technology
  • Slope switch technology

What We Find Good

  • Easy-to-use design
  • The perfect combo of size, speed, and accuracy
  • Backed by 2 years warranty
  • Great battery life
  • Slope technology for hitting downhill shots

What We May Not Find Good

  • Poor instruction manual
  • Limited range of 500 yards
Final Views

It is a sturdy golf rangefinder with some advanced technical aspects like a fast focus system, slope switch technology, and a flag lock mechanism. It is a good choice for passionate golfers.

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3. Gogogo Sport Vpro – Cost Effective Rangefinder

If you were looking for a top-notch rangefinder at an affordable price then you have landed at the right place at the right time. The Gogogo Sport Pro is a nice medium-sized rangefinder with a great mix of features that will help you in locking pins and flags. So, without further ado, let’s review it.

Features That You Need to Know

Starting things off, with a measuring range of 650 yards and a 6x magnification you can easily spot pins and set up the targets through the lens.
In addition to this, the rangefinder has a multi-coated optic lens which increases the transmission of light and gives you a bright image even in the scorching heat.
Moreover, the advanced slope function makes it a multifunctional rangefinder as you can use it for hunting as well as golfing.

Technical Specifications:

  • 650 yards range
  • 6x magnification
  • Multi-coated optic lenses
  • Slope function

What We Find Good

  • A trendy design that matches with your golf bag
  • Brighter clearer image due to multi-coated lens
  • 250 yards flag lock range
  • ARC technology
  • Affordable price tag

What We May Not Find Good

  • Limited range
  • Bad performance in the rain
Final Views

It is a good quality rangefinder that has a great accurate range of around 650 yards. It also has a solid durable design that doesn’t damage any time soon.

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4. AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder – Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money

AIRSSON golf rangefinder is a high-value rangefinder that is liked by users a lot because of its simplicity of use. The LCD is pretty easy to use as you only have to push the power button and it displays every bit of information in an instant. It also has multiple great features like locking function and scan measurement mode which helps elevate your game. So, without further ado, let’s discuss its features below.

Best Features That You Need to Know

First things first, it has the complete measurement features as it can measure height, angle horizontal distance accurately up to 650 yards. So, if you are worried about hitting difficult pins this feature might make such shots a tad easier for you.
In addition to this, in terms of designs, it has a modern black colored solid built which not only looks fantastic in the hands of a golfer, but it is also quite durable. On top of this, the rangefinder barely weighs around 0.27 lbs and it is one of the lightest options on the market.
Moreover, the best value golf rangefinder features multiple scan modes that you can use to your advantage as they can help you in locating pins, locking flags, and ultimately winning.
Last but not the least, there is a 500mA rechargeable lithium battery equipped in the AIRSSON laser rangefinder that charges quickly. All you need is a USB plugin and you can charge the battery without any hassle.

Technical Specifications:

  • 650 yards range
  • 6x magnification
  • Multiple scan modes
  • Flag locking technology

What We Find Good

  • Flag locking technology
  • 500mA battery included
  • Made from durable ABS material
  • Slope measurement mode
  • Displays distance in both meters/yards

What We May Not Find Good

  • Poor instruction manual
  • No other major cons
Final Views

It is a good rangefinder at an affordable price which has advanced features like slope measurement, plenty of scan modes, and a precise range of up to 650 yards.

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5. Precision Pro NX7 – Best Small Rangefinder for Golf

Not all of us are a fan of big and bulky golf rangefinders although they have more functions. Some of us just want to have a good time and hence only want to have a minimalistic gadget in our bag. This Precision Pro NX7 is tailor-made for such folks as it is one of the most compact and smallest rangefinders on Amazon. It still features some nice technical specifications that we will discuss next.

Important Features That You Need to Know

First things first, this small golf rangefinder has such an ergonomic design that is a new concept. It is designed like a minigun that you can smoothly grab in the palm of your hands.
Moreover, the NX7 features the new TAG technology. This target acquisition technology scans the view and focuses solely on the pin. In this way, you have a better view of your target and this increases your confidence in hitting a perfect shot.
The best small rangefinder for golf still features a handsome 400 yards range with a maximum 1-yard variation. The preciseness on such a small rangefinder is commendable and it allows you to maximize the use of the rangefinder to find the pin.
Have you ever had a golf rangefinder that had some problems which you had to spent money on to get it fixed because it wasn’t covered by warranty? Well, say goodbye to such headaches as the Precision Pro NX7 comes with 2-year parts and a free lifetime battery replacement.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6x magnification
  • 400 yards range
  • Pulse vibration technology
  • TAG technology

What We Find Good

  • Good quality design
  • TAG technology for hitting better shots
  • Pulse vibration while shooting
  • The 400-yard range for a small rangefinder
  • Free lifetime battery replacement
  • 2 years warranty

What We May Not Find Good

  • Non-slope version
  • Low Locking range
Final Views

The rangefinder is small but practical as it has the basic functions of a good quality rangefinder. It has a 6x magnification lens, a compact and sturdy design a range of around 400 yards. It is a perfect match for teenagers and beginners who want to learn how to play the game of golf.

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6. Leupold Pincaddie 2 – Good Rangefinder for Golf

It is an underrated golf rangefinder that is only getting its due praise among the golfers. The rangefinder is fairly priced about the features that it offers. What are its main features you might be thinking? How does it compare with some of the top brands? Well, we shall discuss this and much more in the review below.

Best Features That You Need to Know

Starting, your new ZOEA golf rangefinder has an easy-to-use design because of its compact dimensions. Your hands will never feel messy and tired by holding this rangefinder as it is lightweight and great quality-wise.

In addition to this, it includes the advanced PinHunter laser technology which can spot tricky holes and flags without any hassle. It has a mixed level of features and hence it is highly suitable for people of all skill levels.

The Leupold Pincaddie 2 is a good rangefinder for gold because it has a great LCD which calibrates fast and also shows everything clearly. It means that every piece of essential information for locking up your shot will be right in front of your eyes at all times.
Last but not the least; the rangefinder is prone to any damage even if it falls because the manufacturer has made sure that its construction is durable and sturdy.

Technical Specifications:

  • 650 yards range
  • 6x magnification
  • PinHunter Laser technology

What We Find Good

  • Easy to use ergonomic design
  • Affordable price tag
  • PinHunter Laser technology is great
  • Waterproof body
  • A twilight factor of 11.00

What We May Not Find Good

  • Minimal quality control issues
  • No other major con
Final Views

It is a nice rangefinder to have if you something under 200$ that has a good range and a reliable body. It is surely a great option, especially for weekend golfers.

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7. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder – Top-Rated Golf rangefinder

Next up on our list, we have a WOSPORTS latest edition rangefinder for golf that works effortlessly well on all courts. It has advanced features like flag lock and slope adjustment which provide you an edge over your competitor. Overall, the built quality of the rangefinder is also topnotch and it is one the sturdiest rangefinder available in the market. Let’s discuss its major features in the review below.

Best Features That You Need to Know

First things first, the WOSPORTS golf rangefinder has fantastic features for spotting difficult pins. Its 6x magnification allows you to have a clear point of view in which you can try to spot the pin especially when pins are hidden behind trees.

In addition to this, you have a slope adjustment feature that polishes your game and takes it to the next level. Now, you can use the slope adjustment and easily hit the difficult downhill shots without any hassle.

Moving on, there is 800 highly accurate range on the top-rated golf rangefinder from WOSPORTS. You can deliver a perfect shot and hit the pin when it matters the most. The measurement on the rangefinder is also fast and effective.

The specialty of the H-100AG rangefinder lies in the fact that it has four scan modes. Thus you have ample ways to pinpoint the exact distance to the flag and hit shots more precisely.

Technical Specifications:

  • 5-800 yards normal range
  • 250 yards to flag range
  • 6x magnification
  • Four scan modes/li>

What We Find Good

  • Durable waterproof design
  • Four scan modes for flexibility in use
  • Precise range calculation displayed on LCD
  • Objective lens quality is topnotch
  • Slope adjustment feature
  • Trusted by many passionate golfers

What We May Not Find Good

  • Eats battery life fast
  • Reading issues when it’s cold
Final Views

It is a great golf rangefinder for the reason that it has around 250 yards to the flag range. This extensive range never lets you down when you are playing a highly competitive game at any level. All in all, the rangefinder is durable, reliable, and also has advanced specs.

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8. Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro – High Precision Rangefinder for Golf

Next up we have the all-new Series 2 Pro which is a reliable golf rangefinder to have in your arsenal. It has an exceptional 800 yards range with little none variation. So, hitting precise shots will become a regular sight for you once you become comfortable in using this rangefinder. What else does it have in store? Well, find out in our review next.

Notable Features That You Need to Know

Firstly, the golf rangefinder is made from high-quality materials that feel lighter on the hands. The rangefinder is also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any possible water damage to the lens. Besides, the exterior body itself is pretty sturdy.

In addition to this, you have an 800 yards long range that you can use to hit the pin with accuracy and precision. The flag lock technology is a fantastic feature that vibrates to confirm that you correctly locked on to the target.

Furthermore, there is also a proper slope adjustment feature in the new Series 2 Pro which is a blessing in disguise when you hit an incline or decline shot.

Moving on, the LCD lens on your brand-new golf rangefinder is excellent in terms of performance. You have a great HD display with 6x magnification to spotting the pin quickly. This helpful and crystal-clear LCD helps in elevating your game as you are technically locked in.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6x magnification power
  • Continuous arc technology
  • 800 yards range
  • Slope measurement

What We Find Good

  • Sturdy and waterproof design
  • HD display lens for clear vision
  • 800 yards range helps in finding a pin
  • Slope adjustment for hitting downhill
  • Flag lock technology improves accuracy

What We May Not Find Good

  • Harder to learn how to use
  • No other major con
Final Views

It is a good quality golf rangefinder with an 800 yards range and an HD display lens. The rangefinder also has a slope adjustment feature which means that it will be useable on all sorts of golf courses.

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9. Golf Buddy Laser Lite – Best Golf Buddy Rangefinder

Golf Buddy Laser Lite is a newer version launched by the brand that is a complete golf rangefinder. Almost every aspect of the rangefinder your including preciseness, target modes, magnification, and range are on point. It is one heck of a rangefinder that can be used by both professionals as well as beginners. The technical features of the rangefinder are discussed below.

Best Features That You Need to Know

First things first, have you ever had an experience in a situation where you had to hit the target and the pin was downhill. Well, if so then you would appreciate that the Golf Buddy rangefinder comes equipped with the must-have slope adjustment option.

In addition to this, not only does the best Golf Buddy rangefinder have a 6x magnification that helps in finding targets easily. It also features the pin finder with vibration which allows you to detect the pin when it is not visible in plain sight due to the golf course being tricky.

Furthermore, your golf rangefinder features a spacious LCD lens that shows every possible detail with optimum clarity. You have your yardage information, magnification info right in front of your very eyes.

Last but not the least, a rainy day could run your rangefinder if it doesn’t have a water-resistant coated body. Well, in the new Golf Buddy Laser Lite you have a water-resistant design that is both durable and resistive.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6x magnification power
  • Pin finder technology
  • 800 yards range
  • Slope adjustment technology

What We Find Good

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Wide clear LCD
  • 3 targeting modes
  • Pin finder with vibration
  • Water-resistant & durable body

What We May Not Find Good

  • Mediocre battery life
  • No other major fault
Final Views

It is a great rangefinder to have in your golf collection if you are having trouble finding a pin accurately. It has a massive 800 yards range and all you need is some hands-on experience and you will see a change in your game.

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10. BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 – Best Value Golf Rangefinder

Golf is an extremely fascinating sport where every yard matters. When you are a fanatic of such calculated sports you need to have both mental strengths as well as essential equipment with you for guaranteed success. The BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 is a rangefinder that you can trust yourself with. It is an updated version designed according to the modern golfing requirements so that the user can easily use it for golfing purposes.

Useful Features That You Need to Know

Knowing golf and how complex it can be at times to hit the target flag accurately when there is traffic in the way. The trees can misguide you if you don’t have the pin seeker technology in your golf rangefinder. The pin seeker with a jolt confirms the exact distance of your target.

In addition to this, you have a 6x magnification on your brand-new rangefinder that comes into play especially when you are hitting the pin from far away. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a weekend golfer this magnification is a must-have feature.

Moving on, with a maximum variation of 1 yard now you can add preciseness to your game and trust your gut on tougher shots. There is a 5-400 flag range on the best value golf rangefinder which means that you can easily trust this rangefinder in a competitive game.

Last but not least, the rangefinder also comes with an essential carriage bag and some useful accessories so that you don’t have to buy anything extra on your own.

Technical Specifications:

  • 6x magnification power
  • Pinseeker with a visual jolt
  • 400 yards to flag range
  • 1200 yards simple range

What We Find Good

  • Designed for professionals
  • The objective lens has optimum clarity
  • 6x magnification for precise hitting
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Compatible with Bushnell golf app

What We May Not Find Good

  • Bad customer service
  • No other major cons
Final Views

It is a top-notch golf rangefinder because it includes the necessary pin seeker technology with a visual jolt. In addition to this, the rangefinder also offers a comfortable 400 yards to flag range so that you can precisely track your target.

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Top 3 Recommendations:

  1. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder as it is the best golf rangefinder
  2. BUSHNELL GOLF Tour V5 as it is the best value golf rangefinder
  3. AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder as it is the best golf rangefinder for the money
Best Golf Laser Rangefinder
Infographic: Best Golf Laser Rangefinder

Some Must-Have Features & Options in The Best Rangefinder for Golf

After reading the detailed review of the best golf rangefinder now to give you further ease, we will discuss some important things about the buying of a leading golf rangefinder. There are no hard and fast rules related to their buying. Yet you need to take care of plenty of things if you want a good rangefinder. Let’s check the below-mentioned essential factors.

Slope Adjustment:

USGA has updated the rangefinder rules and now you can use slope technology while playing on the golf course.
Now, I would recommend you to get yourself a rangefinder that has slope compensation if you play on courses with variable elevations. The slope measurement is effectively a must-have feature when you have to hit difficult elevation shots.
On such courses, having a slope adjustment feature in your rangefinder is a must. You should also keep in mind that such a rangefinder will be pricey in comparison to a normal rangefinder.

Flag Locking:

The flag locking mechanism has started to appear in a lot of golf rangefinders nowadays. The mechanism helps the rangefinder in locking a flag through the settings present in the rangefinder.

Once your flag is locked to a certain distance, it becomes easier to decide how much power and technique shall be required to hit the golf ball so that it reaches near the flag.

You should however keep in mind that flag locks come with a certain yard range. The rangefinder that has a flag locking mechanism in it will have two ranges. One will be a general range and the other range will be specifically for the flag locking mechanism to work.

Pinsensor Technology:

The pin sensor technology is a feature that finds pins that are difficult to spot particularly when the pin is near trees or an elevation point. It becomes quite tough to hit a precise shot without Pinsensor technology if your golf course is a challenging one.

The Pinsensor technology might not matter to the casuals who go to a golf club just to have some fun. However, it should surely be on the bucket list of passionate players who want to learn and progress in the game of golf.

Compact Design:

When you are concentrating on your next shot you don’t want your focus to be disturbed. Therefore, the golf rangefinder which you would have in your hands should have a compact design that is ergonomic and easy to hold.
It should also be lightweight so that your hands are comfortable in holding the rangefinder when you are reading the information displayed on the LCD. You can also have a look at the holders for golf rangefinders.

Battery Life:

It would be pretty fuming to have a rangefinder that goes off exactly at the time when you are measuring the range to the pin.

To save yourself from such hassles make sure that you go for a good quality CR2 battery if you have an open budget. Make sure that you read the customer reviews that can give you an insight into the performance of the battery.

Durability & Reliability:

It is common sense that a rangefinder of Bushnell or Leupold brand is bound to last for a long time in comparison to a cheap brand rangefinder.

When you are spending less money on a cheap rangefinder there is no guarantee of its reliability and durability.
On the flip side, a good-quality rangefinder might be expensive, but it will be durable and sturdy. So, make up your mind and invest accordingly.

Rangefinder Vs GPS – Which Alternative Is Most Suitable

Both the rangefinder and GPS are seen as good options when it comes to setting up targets and hitting precise shots. However, the information which is displayed on a rangefinder has a lot of depth and insight in it. There are more features in a rangefinder as compared to a standard GPS that only shows hazard numbers.

If you are planning on playing golf professionally then you should surely go for a rangefinder as it has an edge over GPS. All you need to do is get comfortable with the rangefinder and use it to your full advantage.

Tips For Using A Rangefinder On Golf Course

The golf enthusiasts who are in favor of a GPS for range purposes usually argue that as it is automated it works pretty fast. Even though the GPS has limited functionality they prefer it as the rangefinder takes time in setting up the target and calculating distances.

Such types of questions might also be crossing your mind as you also may have come across such arguments. Well, this is why I am penning down some tips which you can abide by so that you can use your rangefinder in a better way that is more practicable.

Keep Your Rangefinder in A Bag

It is important to have a small rangefinder bag with you so that you can grab the rangefinder in an instant.

Swing with Confidence

Once you have your eyes set on the target be confident and shoot the golf ball. In this way, your brain will synchronize well with the rangefinder and target, and eventually, it will help you perform better.

Set Your Targets

Setting up your targets on time gives you further confidence as you feel like you have an edge.

Try to Get Comfortable With Rangefinder

Read the instruction manual that comes with the rangefinder and try to find out everything which you can do with it. In addition to this, you can also take time off and go for solo practice on the golf course where you can test the rangefinder in the practice session so that you can get comfortable in using it.

Should You Invest in A Cheap Rangefinder?

Investing in a cheap rangefinder depends solely on your budget. If you have a limited budget which you have allocated for the golf rangefinder then in that case, I do recommend you to go with a cheap rangefinder.

However, you should do yourself a favor and compare golf rangefinders that fall in the cheap price range. In this way, you can land a solid deal and get yourself a rangefinder that has some nice technical features in it.

On the other hand, when you are quite serious about your game and you want to play like professionals then you should only think of investing in a high-quality rangefinder. It might be expensive, but it will be long-lasting and wouldn’t just perish away after a few weeks.

The features which you would have in a good quality expensive rangefinder will be massive in improving your golf technique and game. Moreover, you can also use an expensive option for archery and hunting purposes. So, it will be a multifunctional purchase for your needs.

Final Verdict

Winding up the article, we hope that after reading the detailed review of these best golf rangefinder, you will not be able to buy the best rangefinder. All the rangefinder mentioned above with their ergonomic design, budget-friendly feature, and original specifications suits you best while playing golf. With the help of a golf distance finder, you can hit a perfect shot. Have a look at the best Golf Rangefinders under $200.

Always take care of essential factors whenever you try to buy a rangefinder. Lastly, your valuable suggestions are precise for us. If you like our article and find it helping, give us feedback in the comments section and hit the like button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are golf rangefinders worth it?

A. Golf rangefinders are worth it as they massively aid in improving your game. Golf is all about precision, skill, and distance management. When you have a reliable range finder that is precise you have an edge over your opponent.

Q. Are golf rangefinders expensive?

A. The price range of a golf rangefinder is quite flexible. They typically start from $150 and go all the way to $900. The expensive models have some top-notch features that an average golfer doesn’t usually need. So, a $150-$300 priced golf rangefinder might do the job pretty well for you.

Q. Who makes the best rangefinder for golf?

It is a well-known brand for making rangefinders for golf and hunting. The company was founded in 1948 and was subsequently acquired by Alliant Techsystems.

Their golf rangefinders are famous for their massive range. They usually have models that cover a range of 700 and above. In this way, you can use them for golfing as well as hunting purposes.

Precision Pro:
Precision Pro made a great entry into the market about 4 years ago. The brand has an advantage as their prices are a lot more affordable in comparison to the big whales like Bushnell.

Their NX series slope and non-slope models are famous among golfer. Some of the famous golf clubs are sponsored by Precision Pro.

Q. Which rangefinder brand is most reliable?

A. BUSHNELL is the most reliable golf rangefinder in my eyes. The brand has been launching many successful models in the market for years now. The major reason why they are quite reliable is that their rangefinders perform as advertised. The brand also works on the technological aspects of its rangefinders and tries to include the most advanced features in them.

Q. What is the best golf rangefinder for the money?

A. AIRSSON Golf Rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder for the money. It has a good 650 yards range at this price tag. Moreover, you have a 500mA rechargeable battery that can last for a day. There are also some features like multiple scan modes and slope adjustment for finding pins and flags across the golf course.


Golf is a game that is all about hitting precise shots and reading the distance to the pin correctly.

It is quite evident that eyeballing is not preferable when it comes to reading the range. You must invest in one of the top-quality golf viewfinders which have technical features that will precisely lock your target pins.

The rangefinders which we have reviewed today have ample great features and an affordable price tag. So, choose the rangefinder from the list which is suitable for your skill level and improve your golfing experience massively.

Good Luck!

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