Best Rangefinder Apps for Shooting in 2023

Did you know that your mobile phones can also act as rangefinders if you use the rangefinder applications that can be downloaded from Playstore or AppStore?

If not, then you have come to the right place. The rangefinder application is mostly free and provides you with interesting features that allow you to measure the distance to your target accurately.

You might be thinking how is that possible because there is no laser device in the mobile’s camera. Well, that’s not the mechanism your mobile would use.

The rangefinder applications on your mobile use advanced algorithms combined with camera and GPS technology to accurately pinpoint the location of your target and measure the distance to it.

Hence, if you also want to go for the cost-effective choice then take a look at some of the best rangefinder apps for shooting that we have compiled for you.

5 Best Rangefinder Apps for Shooting

Here are the 5 best rangefinder applications for android and iOS devices. These applications will turn your mobiles into your shooting and hunting accessories, providing you with necessary distance measurement tools and also additional information.

1. Range Finder Tool – Best iOS Rangefinder App for Shooting

Range Finder Tool

This application turns your device into a powerful measurement tool that can measure distance, angle, and height with augmented reality.

This rangefinder app is also equipped with an inclinometer and a compass that also help you navigate your way during your shooting and hunting endeavors.

The application allows you to use a set of 8 different sniper scopes to measure the height and distance of different objects in your sight.

Adding to this, you can also measure the distance between two points on the map by simply touching and placing the points. You can use radius map overlay for measuring angles and radius on the map.

For placing a waypoint on the map in the rangefinder app, you need a long tap. The application also allows you to customize the waypoint by using different icons and audio. You can track your waypoints using the compass or camera screen.

Compass is overlayed on the map and shows you azimuth, sun, moon rises, and waypoints. If your waypoints are out of the map, you can still see them at the border of your compass.

You can also use 3D Augmented Reality camera view to see the waypoints, distance, and heights on landscapes and objects in 3D.

You can also take screenshots of on-screen data with just one tap. The application also provides you with a user manual and help page so that you can find information anytime you are stuck.


  • Expert Navigation
  • Measures Distance, Height, and Angle
  • Also provides Maps for Waypoints
  • Integrated Compass
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Application
  • 3D Augmented Reality


  • Only Available for iOS
  • Doesn’t Feature Many Languages

Final View

This iOS application provides you with a rangefinder on your iPhone. You have a multi-measurement device with tons of interesting features. Highly recommended.

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2. Smart Distance – Best Android Rangefinder App for Shooting

Smart Distance

This app belongs to a set of apps known as the Smart Tools collection. It helps you measure the distance between you and your target using the camera perspective.

The telemeter or rangefinder has the capacity to measure the distance from 10 meters to 1000 meters which is more than enough range for hunters and shooters.

The application is really simple to use but requires you to put the original height of the target beforehand. You can easily guess the approximate height of your target or you can search it on the internet.

Once the target is in sight of your camera, you can simply tap on the displayed green lines to get distance measurements to your target.

One thing that is pretty annoying in this application is ads. As the application is free to use, it asks you to watch an ad every once in a while.

If you don’t want to watch ads, you can purchase a pro-version of the application that not only eliminates the ads but also provides you with additional features.

These additional features include camera zoom and speed gun. The Camera Zoom allows you to zoom in on the target to see it more clearly, while the speed gun allows you to measure the speed of a running target.

There are also some sister applications with this app including Smart Ruler for measuring accurately up to 50 cm and Smart Measure for length between 1 to 50 meters.

If you want to go ad-free and use more enhanced features, then we suggest you go with Smart Distance Pro.


  • Free to Use
  • Measures distance using the camera
  • Accurate from 10 meters to 1000 meters
  • Easy measurement
  • Measure the accurate distance with a single tap
  • Additional Features in Pro version


  • The free version has ads
  • Doesn’t come with a shooting guide, map overlays, waypoints, etc.

Final Views

This is the best rangefinder application for android devices. It will turn your device into a perfect distance measurement accessory that will help you in your shooting adventures.

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3. HuntStand – Best Free Rangefinder App for Shooting and Hunting


The only app you need for all your hunting and shooting endeavors. HuntStand is nominated several times as the best hunting application. It was also nominated as Editor’s Choice by Outdoor Life Magazine.

This is the number 1 hunting application with millions of downloads. This revolutionary application provides you with many interesting features including mapping, weather, tracking, and social features.

The app allows you to edit your maps while you are in the field and then use them offline. You can also use the weather feature online and later sync the maps with your HuntStand account to explore them online.

The app also features a Hunting land layer feature that includes 3 satellite image layers and many other useful interactive maps. Moreover, you will also get nationwide boundary and owner information.

The social features include HuntStand media that allows you to watch written content and videos on how to hunt, shoot, tactical gears, and techniques.

You can fully map your property and customize it using 100 easily discernable custom icons, shapes, lines, scouting marks, etc.

You can use the rangefinder feature to view distance and area measurements. The application uses advanced map navigation to measure accurate distance in yards, meters, or feet.

The application comes as a free version as well as a paid Pro version. The pro version removes all advertisements and provides you with some additional experience that further enhances your shooting experience.

Furthermore, the Pro version also removes all forms of limits from maps and data sharing that exist in the free version and provides you with advanced NASA satellite imagery for more accuracy and precision. This App can also be used as a golf rangefinder app.


  • Sync Maps and Layouts
  • Get Ultra-HD Printed Maps created and customized by you
  • Measure accurate distance using GPS and Mapping
  • Measure distance in yards, meters, and feet
  • Locate your friends using the Friend Finder feature
  • Join group hunting areas
  • Upgradable to Pro anytime


  • Limited Features
  • Advertisements in Free Version

Final View

Considering all the factors, this is one of the best applications you can get for your android or iOS device. The application has received many recognitions and is top-rated for hunting and shooting.

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4. Rangefinder – Best Distance Measurement App for iPhone


This is a simple distance measuring application that can be used to measure the distance to a visible object using the camera. This application is designed for iPhone and comes only in the paid version.

The fact that it’s paid on the Apple store ensures its quality and accuracy. The application provides you with precise distance measurement.

To use the application, you simply need to hold the iPhone steady in your hand or place it on your knee and tap on the target in the camera view.

This application is very cheap and comes with interesting features. It shows you distance in meters and feet. The application also has other features including fine calibration, bubble level, vibration alarm, and measurement quality indicator.

You can also use the 5x zoom feature to see your target clearly. Make sure not to vibrate your phone during measurement or the process being disrupted. Your phone must be as steady as possible.


  • Easy to Use Rangefinder App
  • Measures Distance to Visible Object
  • Accurate Distance Measurement
  • 5x Zoom
  • Measurement Quality Indicator


  • The app isn’t free
  • Doesn’t measure in yards

Final View

Considering the price, this rangefinder application provides you with really interesting features. Although paid, the application is really cheap and offers simplicity in usage.

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5. ZEISS Hunting – Best Rangefinder App for Shooting in 2022

ZEISS Hunting

This application is specially designed for expert shooters and hunters and provides you with innovative features and interesting information that will enhance your experience.

This app provides you with ballistic calculations for your ZEISS riflescope and also another riflescope that will allow you to take the perfect shot.

Hence, you will be able to measure angle, height, and distance to calibrate your perfect shot accordingly.

The application also comes with many other interesting social features that allow you to group with your friends to arrange combined hunting events or share your experience on the social newsfeed.

Document your trips and successes in the ZEISS hunting diary. You also get hourly weather data and 5 days forecast so you can either make or cancel your shooting trips.


  • Free to Use Application
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Provides advanced ballistic information
  • Works with ZEISS and other riflescopes
  • Also provides Weather Data
  • Integrated Social Features like Newsfeed and Sharing
  • Hunting Diary to record your experiences


  • Not very accurate record-keeping
  • Takes quite some time to build a profile the first time

Final Views

This is one of the best rangefinder apps for shooting and hunting as it provides you with advanced ballistics data and allows you to keep records of your shooting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best rangefinder app for shootingon iPhone?

A. Range Finder Tool is the best application for shooting and hunting on iPhone. This application turns your iPhone into a shooting accessory and gives you access to many advanced features of a rangefinder.

Q. Which is the best rangefinder app for shooting on Android?

A. In our opinion, you should go with the app Smart Distance. This application is free to use and comes with enhanced features that not only allow you to measure distance but also give you other interesting data.

Q. Is a Pro or Paid version of a rangefinder app worth it?

A. Usually, the paid version of an app removes the advertisements. However, some applications also offer removal of limitations on the use of certain features and some additional features in the paid version. In that case, it is totally worth the price.

Some Last Words

In this article, we have shared with you some of the best rangefinder applications for shooting. These applications include both Android and iOS devices. A rangefinder application is acost-effective choice in case you can’t afford an expensive rangefinder. Even if you have a rangefinder, you can download the application to keep a record of your data and measurements on your phone that will help you in your shooting experience in the future.

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