Difference Between Golf and Hunting Rangefinder 

Want to save your money by using one rangefinder for golfing and hunting? Can you use only one rangefinder for excellent performance in both activities? The answer to both questions is yes. You can use one rangefinder for both golfing and hunting purposes.

But wait here!

Both the rangefinders have either their own special specifications and features. They have some similarities that allow you to use one for both purposes. But on the other hand, they also have some differences that make their use specifically for their purpose.

What comes next!

In this article to clear this confusion here, we describe the top 5 differences between the golf and hunting rangefinders. By reading the differences, all of your confusion related to their use is gone away. Let’s have a look at their features.

golf rangefinder and hunting

Hunting Golf
Less Magnification More Magnification
Target Priority Target Priority
Specialized Softwares Better Glass
Lanyard Hole Carry Case
Water Proof Water Proof
Longer Battery Life Longer Battery Life
Shorter Range Longer Range


The first main difference between both the rangefinders is the distance measurements. The golfer needs a rangefinder that has an option of first target priority mode or nearest object measurement. The golfer uses the rangefinder to target the close flag gold or any tree to play some perfect shoots. If you’re a beginner have a look at the best beginner rangefinders.

In comparison, a hunter needs a rangefinder that has an option of distant target priority mode. Hunter uses a rangefinder to target the far away things. These functions help the hunter find its real target and ignore the surrounding things like brushes, trees, and other related things.

In the market, some rangefinders are also available that give you both nearest and distant target priority modes. You can easily use them for golf and hunting purposes.

Rugged Waterproof body

Golf is mainly played in day time while hunters prefer hunting in the early morning or twilight hours. But people also like to play golf during the light rainy season. In rainy weather, your rangefinder might have to face many wear and tears. If you’re interested in bowhunting and archery then check out rangefinders for that.

Along with that, some people also like to play a short golf tournament in light foggy seasons. In all these conditions, if your rangefinder body is not waterproof, you will not enjoy the tournament anymore. The golf rangefinder’s body must be rugged and sturdy so that you can enjoy your golf tournament more.

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In comparison to hunting, hunters rangefinder also has to face different types of weather and places to hunt. During hunting, if the rain starts and you don’t have a waterproof rangefinder, then you’re all hunting will be ruined in seconds.

Hunters also need a robust full waterproof body rangefinder for hunting. During hunting and playing golf, the falling down of rangefinder is also possible. But if your rangefinder is made of good high-quality material, you can enjoy both things without any loss and damage to the rangefinder.

Yard distance of Golf and Hunting Rangefinder 

The yard distance capacity of both rangefinders is different. The golf rangefinder gives you a yardage distance range starting from 500- yards.

Besides this, most golf courses provide average flag distances of approximately 600, with a distance of approximately 150-400 to the actual flag.

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On the other side, the hunting rangefinder gives you more yardage distance because their target range may be between 75 yards to up till 1300 yards. Hunter needs a rangefinder with more yardage distance and zooming functions.

Specific features of Golf and Hunting Rangefinder 

Golfing and hunting are two different things. Likewise, the rangefinder for both of them also includes some specific features related to their uses. A golf rangefinder must consist of features like club suggestions, shot distance calculators, simple reticles, swing rate measuring, pin shot, different accuracy, and nearest target priority mode.

In comparison, the hunting rangefinder comes up with longer yardage ranges, complicated reticles, gun mounting, tripod hanging, and pre-loaded with ballistic data.

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Both the rangefinder are designed and made for their specific purposes. Hunting rangefinder serves you best to hunt like a pro. On the other side, a golf rangefinder gives you perfect targeting options to find the desired target and hit a perfect shot.

Display of Golf and Hunting Rangefinder 

The display of rangefinder is one of the most crucial factors in both rangefinders. Golf rangefinder mostly come up with 6x magnification power and LED display. If the rangefinder display is not bright, you can not enjoy playing a legal golf tournament.

On the other hand, the hunting rangefinder comes up with 7x magnification power and LED display. Some tag finders also come up with an LCD. Both displays have their features and functions.

But the main thing is which display suits you best? You can buy a golf rangefinder with a LED display for opaque precise readings. On the other hand, for hunters, the LCD Rangifer is also the best option to choose due to their bright reading feature in night mode.

Final thought

In the conclusion of our article, we hope that the difference between golf and hunting rangefinder is now clear to you very well. Both sports rangefinder have their particular features and functions. With these rangefinders, you will experience the ultimate fun in hunting and golf playing. Now from your side, we are looking toward your valuable suggestions. If you find our article helping, give us feedback in the comment section and share it with other friends to better understand both rangefinders.

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