Grow the Golf Game Scholarship 2021 | Participate to Get Scholarship

We know that education is an essential tool or with the help of this, you can achieve all those things that make your life better. But in this modern era getting an education is not so easy because some people did not afford their dues. 

At rangefinder now scholarship competition, give $250 to eligible students, in that way some of them got a good education easily and in future, they achieve their goals 

Conditions of participation

  • Fanaticism for the outdoors
  • Must be enrolled in any university or college 
  • Above the age of 18

If you want to participate in the scholarship, you should fulfill all the conditions they applied for such as you are passionate about outdoors as well as you have the ability to show this passion. The students there under the age of 18 are not eligible or you must be a student for any institute like a collage or the university. If you passed out in that case also you are not eligible for this scholarship. 

golf scholarship

How can you engage in it?

There are two topics, and you should select any one of them.

  1. Which outdoor activities you mostly like and give a reason.
  2. Rewrite an easy by using the following sub-headings;
  • How can we defend nature?
  • Write a few lines about your momentous time in the outdoors?
  • Tell us which tool is with you when you go outdoors?

Important Note:

It is crucial to keep in mind that when writing about this topic, you should express your real views not, as copy-pasted also makes sure that text is not plagiarized. It is suitable for you if you could also send a picture memorable day of your outdoors.

When you do complete your topic, Email Us: [email protected]

Following details must be required when you submit your topic:
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • School Address
  • Send a proof you are a student

Publication the winner

When all the applications are received, then we will make our decision. Firstly we will examine which applications are received before the given deadline because we will accept only those and other applications that are rejected. After that, according to criteria we will notice or decide which student is more desirable, and the final result is announced and the prize is given to the winner one.

This scholarship is offered each year, so due to any reason, you missed the chance to apply for the scholarship or may submit the application after the deadline date, no need to worry about this. If you deserve the scholarship you may be selected next coming year.

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It would be best if you kept in mind when you rewrite the selected topic, you must use the English language because almost everyone easily understands this language. Also, make sure that no grammatical mistakes occur in your topic. These things made a bad impression on the person that read your application. So if you want to increase your selection chances make sure these kinds of mistakes do not happen.