Tips To Play Golf In Covid-19 [Follow these Precautions]

In the current pandemic covid-19 days, there are almost all sports closed. Some sports grounds are open, but there are many restrictions and precautions that the players have to follow if they want to play.

What can we do now?

If you want to play golf during these covid -19’s days, so can also play. Yes, you read it right. You can play some legal golf tournaments because some golf courses are open with restrictions and some precautionary measures. To play a safe and secure golf tournament, you just need to follow some essential safety tips. In this article, I will provide some crucial tips to help them enjoy an energetic golf game in these covid-19 days.

Warning mask while playing golf in covid-19

The first important thing to enjoy golf is that you must wear a mask. You can wear a cloth mask, a surgical mask, and a covid -19 mask i.e N95 Mask. The important thing is not to choose expensive maks, but the important thing is to just cover your face.

The warning of marks also changes some rules and regulations of golf. The changes are just for the purpose that the player may not interact to touch a lot of things. Furthermore, some courses remove some items from the golf play like bunkers rakes, and ball plus bin washers are removed.

tips for golf in covid 19

Avoid touching the things playing golf in Covid-19

We all do not know about the fact that things are carrying the covid germs? Or which are not? The safety lies in the thing that we should avoid touching unnecessary stuff. It is not possible to sanitize all things, especially in golf courses.

Now, what can we do with the flagstick? It is not suitable to position the flagstick again and again at different positions. It is recommended that you do not change the location of the flagstick again and again. Just place it once in the right position.

Some golf courses have also begun placing loops of swimming noodles around the flagstick in the cup, lifting the ball, and making it easy to remove without hitting the cup or hole. This practice is nice and safe for players.

There are also some other essential tips for players. All players do not need to shake their hands. They all must have to stand a distance of 6 inches between them. Do not put anything into your shag bag from the ground. The tradition of handshaking at the end of a golf game is not right in these covid 19 situations. Players should give sir five to each other on the completion of a successful match.

Another important thing, do not to borrow someone’s rangefinder. If you don’t have one, check out the list of best golf rangefinders under $300 and the most favorite is the Bushnell rangefinder which you can choose for yourself.

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Use disinfectants and sanitizers playing golf in Covid-19

The only thing that will save us from this dangerous virus is to wash our hands after touching anything outside. The golf courses are also doing a sanitization process at their golfs, but it is not enough. You have to use your sanitizer during the golf game.

In this covid 19 situation, we can not rely on other people’s services and activities. We have to protect ourselves by washing hands, using sanitizers, and following the tips. Wherever you go to curse, take your disinfectant wipes along with you. Do not touch anything without cleaning it through the disinfectant wipe.

tips for golf in covid 19


Not all courses may be provided safety practices to their players. Some courses do have not enough budget to ensure safety precautions for their players. In such a case, the playing is not safe it will lead to severe cases.

If you want to play golf, then find a course that will provide all the safety precautions and sanitation services in their course. Also, the other important thing is that there should not be much crowd present at the session. In this situation, the minimum people content is one of the most important safety practices.

The primary safety rule from covid 19 is social distancing. Every person should maintain at least a distance from his colleagues. Now the question arises on how to go to the golf course?

It is recommended not to travel with a lot of people. If you ride a cart, then you need first to sanitize it. It is also best to ride the cart alone. But if you do not know how to ride the cart or face any difficulty, then it is best to walk in the course.

Walking also helps you to maintain a healthy balanced life. It also reduces the chance of covid-19, and there is no hassle of sanitization about the cart and any other thing.

Avoid huge people’s interactions

The golf courses are not so small; they are large and best to maintain social distance. Players always like to discuss the game parts with each other. But these covid days it is recommended to use social media for discussion.

You can share your pictures videos on your Facebook and Instagram wall while following the safety tips. You can share the course safety precautions on social media so anyone who wants to play a safe golf game can also play on that course.

Another important safety thing is selecting an online payment method option whenever you are going to book anything like golf tee time. On the other side if you are making the booking at a club then maintain a distance between the counters. Use card payment methods rather than exchanges cash.

Safe golf playing 

During these coronavirus days, it is not possible to enjoy any sport on the ground. Some games grounds are not allowed to open, but thankfully some golf courses are open. The open golf courses are not a sign of playing an enjoyable golf game. You have to do a lot of sanitization activities and follow the rules if you want to play a safe game.
Keep it in mind if you want to enjoy golf with a free coronavirus healthy life, then you must follow the important tips and share them too. Guide your fellow players and colleagues to make our society safe and free of coronavirus.

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