Eagle Eye Rangefinder—Your Ideal Golf Companion

All sports have evolved with time, and golf is one in which technology has become a valuable ally for players.

As a passionate golfer myself, I am always on the lookout for tools and devices that can help me enhance my performance on the course. Hence, when I came across the Eagle Eye Rangefinder from My Golfing Store, I felt intrigued. This device has just something about it, which gives you the vibes of perfect performance just from the first look.

With promises of accuracy, ease of use, and the latest technological advancements, it felt like the perfect choice for my upcoming golfing adventures.

In this review, I will be sharing detailed insights about the product and explaining why it has earned a permanent spot in my golf bag.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder

Eagle Eye Rangefinder




Key Specifications:

    • Range :                                     5 – 800 Yards
    • Magnification:                           6x
    • Range Accuracy :                     ± 1 Yard
    • Flag Lock Function :                 Yes
    • Measuring Time:                       0.5 – 1 second
    • Display:                                      LCD
    • Power Source:                         3-Volt Lithium (CR-2)
    • Coatings:                                    Fully Multi-Coated
    • Scan Mode:                               Yes
    • Slope Function:                           Yes
    • Angle Measure Accuracy:         ± 45 Degrees
    • Speed Mode:                              Yes
    • Speed Measurement Range:  0 – 186 MPH
    • Waterproof :                              No
    • Water Resistant:                         Yes
    • Dimensions:                               6.25 x 5 x 2.5 Inches
    • Weight:                                        0.75 Lbs.

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Eagle Eye Gen 3 Rangefinder – A Glimpse to Unboxing & First Impressions

Unboxing the Eagle Eye rangefinder surprised me a bit because I wasn’t expecting the packaging to be so sophisticated.

As soon as the device revealed itself, I was really impressed by the sleek design and sturdy build.

The compact size makes it easy to handle and carry, and once I held it in my hand, I could sense that the device was designed with both functionality and comfort in mind.

In terms of appearance, this rangefinder has an amazing look. The perfect blend of red and white allows it to stand out in public. The design is truly eye-catching.

Besides the device itself, a few other things were also included in the box:

  • CR 2.3V Battery
  • Hard Protective Carrying Case
  • User’s Manual
  • Trusty Strap
  • Microfiber Lens Cloth

These accessories are quite handy and will ensure that you can maintain the device easily.

I wish that the manufacturer also included the magnetic strap in the box, but unfortunately, you will have to purchase that separately.

The device itself looks simple enough to operate. There are only two buttons on the top of the device, one for power and one for changing mode.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder Review—A Deep-Dive into Features

After getting familiar with the features and what this amazing little device had to offer, I was not disappointed.

Here are some of the most amazing features I found in this laser rangefinder:

Gen 3 Technology

When I purchased this device, one feature that caught my attention was “Gen 3 technology”. So, I started my research on what it meant.

The technology claims to measure distances up to 800 yards with extreme accuracy of 99.9%. So, the user will get the accuracy of the distance within one yard.

As a golfer, you must understand that accuracy is paramount. Upon testing, this rangefinder proved true to its promise.

After collecting precise distance readings repeatedly from this device, I concluded that the Gen 3 technology is truly amazing and provides accurate measurement capabilities in such a budgeted investment.

Eagle Eye Rangefinder

Slope Calibration System

If you are a beginner in golf, then the difference in measurement because of elevation can really affect your strategy.

Hence, having the slope adjustment feature in your rangefinder is crucial because that would compensate for the angle and provide you with accurate readings that consider the change in elevation.

Amazingly enough, this rangefinder comes with this capability. The feature accounts for uphill and downhill shots and provides you with accurate readings with slope adjustment.

Hence, you will be able to select the perfect club and formulate the perfect strategy required for the game.

There is a bit of a downside to this feature. As there is no external slope switch, the device is not tournament legal.

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Crystal Clear Optics

Another feature that stood out and truly impressed me was the multilayered optics and 6x magnification.

Trust me, the HD display with crisp and clear visuals is beyond impressive. The lens is fully multi-coated which provides you with perfect clarity and gives you the ability to identify the target with ease.

You will get a clear view of the golf course and will be able to zoom onto the target flagpole without any blur.

If the visuals are not clear, there might be something on the lens. Use the included micro-fiber cloth to clean the lens and you will get clear visuals.

Fast-Focus System

This laser rangefinder is equipped with a fast-focus system which allows you to quickly lock onto the target to measure accurate distance.

This technology is much similar to the jolt feature that locks onto the flagpole. During testing, the fast-focus feature proved to be quite effective and wasn’t affected by overlapping subjects or hazards.

I was able to quickly lock onto the flags and measure the exact distance within seconds.

However, there was no visual lock function or visual confirmation. You just get the vibration alert that the lens has locked onto the flag.

The vibration confirmation is more than enough for you to note down the distance and select the perfect club for the shot.

Versatile Modes

The Eagle Eye rangefinder is equipped with 3 distinct modes that give it versatile functionality. These modes include continuous scan, golf, and speed.

You can change the mode by simply pressing the mode button at the top.

The continuous scan mode is perfect for surveying the course and continuously measuring the distance to whichever object or tree you want to.

The golf mode is specifically used for measuring the distance to the flagpole. You will get accurate readings to the pin with flag-lock confirmation.

The speed mode can be used for measuring the speed of fast-moving objects.

I didn’t find a particular use for the speed mode other than satisfying my curiosity. It is fun using the speed mode to try and measure the speed of cars, birds, or animals moving around.

These modes provide versatile functionality to this device. So, you won’t just use it for golf, but also take it out for fun applications.

Military-Grade Durability

This amazing tool claims to have military-grade specs and durability. The rugged body promises durability and ensures that the device can last under tough conditions.

The rangefinder is both water-resistant and dust resistant. It will easily withstand the conditions of a golf course and can handle light water showers.

The compact design with optimum weight provides the device with a perfect balance between portability and functionality.

It did feel a bit bigger than some of the other rangefinders I had held previously, but they were also more expensive.

User-Friendly Operation

I have to give it to this device for its effortless and user-friendly design. It doesn’t require any configuration and is ready to use right out of the box.

You just have to install the battery and press the power button. The device only has two buttons on the top side that can be easily operated with your index finger while holding the device.

All you have to do is simply take the device to your eye and measure the distance instantly. Its convenience and ease of use are unmatchable.

I have encountered devices in the past that did take time to configure, stealing away my precious time. However, I faced no such issues with this device.

Protective Carrying Case

A protective carrying case is included with the rangefinder that is able to conveniently and safely store the device during storage or travel.

So, you won’t have to worry about the safety of the device. The hard case ensures that the device is protected at all times.

A Budget-Friendly Choice

Golf is a sport that constantly tempts us with new and expensive equipment promising to improve our game.

However, the Eagle Eye Rangefinder stands out as a budget-friendly alternative that can genuinely make a difference in your performance.

While high-end clubs and premium balls can dent your wallet, the Eagle Eye offers an affordable solution to improving your game.

By providing pinpoint accurate distances, this amazing device enables you to confidently select the right club and execute your shots with precision, resulting in more accurate approaches and putts.

Potential Limitations or Drawbacks

Despite the amazing features, there are still some limitations of this device.

Not Tournament Legal

Due to the slope compensation feature and the external slope switch, the device is not tournament legal.

So, you won’t be able to take this device to your golf tournaments and will have to get a separate one for them.

The slope feature does make the device an excellent choice for beginners who need this functionality to compensate for elevation or depression in the landscape.

Magnetic Strap Not Included

You cannot mount the device on the golf cart bar, because it doesn’t come with a magnetic cart mount feature.

While the magnetic strap does solve the problem, it is not included with the device. So, you will have to purchase it separately.

Although the magnetic strap costs you a bit extra, it is a necessary accessory to have and will prove quite effective during your golf games.

About My Golfing Store

My Golfing Store is committed to helping its customers get the best service. They provide high-quality products to ensure that golfers can train and reach their maximum potential.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident from their lifetime customer support and 180-day return policy.

As golfers, we know that the improvement journey can be challenging, and having a brand that stands by its product is reassuring and gives us peace of mind.

The amazing customer service adds another layer of value to the Eagle Eye Rangefinder.

What We Find Good

  • Extreme 99.99% Accuracy
  • Fast Distance Measurements
  • 3 Effective Modes
  • Hi-Res Visuals
  • Instant Focus
  • Military Grade Construction
  • Hard Protective Case Included
  • Angle/Slope Compensation

What We May Not Find Good

  • No External Slope Switch
  • Magnetic Strap not included
  • A bit heavier than other rangefinders

Final View

Eagle Eye Gen 3 Golf Rangefinder by My Golfing Store is a true technological marvel considering the budget and features. The device is bound to elevate your golf game. It offers everything a golfer needs to enhance his precision on the course.

The durability, user-friendly design, and technological features make it a perfect addition to your golf bag. After using this laser rangefinder, I can confidently say that it is perfect for beginners and those who are still training to achieve perfection in golf. An investment that is well worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Eagle Eye rangefinder a good choice for golfers?

A. This rangefinder is designed to train golfers and take their potential to the maximum. The device provides accurate distance measurements up to 800 yards and is also equipped with efficient features to enhance the golfing experience. 

Q. What are the different modes in the Eagle Eye rangefinder?

A.Eagle Eye Gen 3 rangefinder is equipped with various modes that make it an excellent choice for various purposes. These modes include continuous scan mode for repeated readings, golf mode for distance to flag, and speed mode for velocity measurement.

Q. Should I purchase the magnetic strap for the eagle eye golf rangefinder?

A.Yes, purchasing the magnetic strap will make the tool handier and more convenient to use. The magnetic strap will allow you to mount the device on your golf cart bar, making it convenient to carry around and use.


To sum it up, the Eagle Eye Rangefinder from My Golfing Store is a technological marvel that has the potential to transform your golf game.

From its advanced Gen 3 technology to its slope calibration system and versatile modes, this rangefinder offers everything a golfer needs to enhance their precision on the course and become a professional.

The device is designed to train you to reach your maximum potential. You cannot use it in tournaments, but it will give you an edge in other golf games and in your training.

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