Leupold Golf Rangefinder – The Choice of Elites

As an enthusiastic golfer, I cannot emphasize the importance of precision and accuracy in golf enough.

That is why I never recommend to my readers to go for cheap knockoffs and only choose the most reliable options in the market to reduce their handicap in golf.

However, I recently came across a cost-effective method that changed my perception. I was intrigued by its comprehensive set of features and reliable measurements.

The Gogogo Sports V-Pro GS24MTL is a reliable and budget-friendly rangefinder that is also a popular choice with golfers.

The device can be used not only in golf but also in other applications. In this post, I will be sharing my experience with this amazing tool and what features intrigued me the most.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right to it.

Leupold Golf Rangefinder – The Choice of Elites

Leupold Golf Rangefinder




Key Specifications:

  • Range                                    5 – 700 Yards
  • Magnification                      6x
  • Range Accuracy                  ± 1 Yard
  • Range to Flag                     450+ Yards
  • Display                                 LCD
  • Power Source                      3-Volt Lithium (CR-2)
  • Coatings                               Fully Multi-Coated
  • Slope Switch (TGR)              Yes
  • Waterproof                            Yes
  • Tournament Legal                Yes
  • Dimensions                         4.0 x 3.0 x 1.6 Inches
  • Weight                                 8.0 Oz
  • Warranty                             2 Years

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Golf is often called a game of finesse and precision. There is no room for error when it comes to this game.

Hence, when choosing your rangefinder, you must make an informed decision. There are numerous rangefinders available on the market.

As an avid golfer, I have had the opportunity to test a wide range of these devices and that introduced me to the Leupold GX-6C golf rangefinder.

One of the most premium devices and a true technological marvel. This rangefinder is meticulously crafted to enhance your golfing prowess.

In this post, I will be sharing my take on this rangefinder along with interesting details about its features and deep insights gained from hands-on testing.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The box had a simple yet sophisticated packing. In the box, you will find this amazing device with its eye-catching sleek design along with necessary accessories.

As soon as you take the device into your hands, you will be able to feel its premium texture and rich construction. The compact and lightweight device is perfect for reducing your handicap in golf.

Aside from the device itself, you will find a strap, a premium carrying case, a quick start guide, and the required battery inside the box.

These accessories enable you to use the tool right out of the box without having to purchase anything else.

A Deep Dive into the Most Important Features

Now that we are familiar with the basics, let’s take a deep dive into the most important features that this rangefinder has to offer.

Flag Lock and Prism Lock

Picture yourself on the tee, a fairway lined with challenges on either side. This is where the GX-6c’s Flag Lock technology shines.

Unlike other traditional rangefinders, you won’t have to worry about obstacles like trees and bushes. This innovative device is equipped with advanced technology to focus on the flag pin regardless of obstacles.

With the utmost precision of advanced technology, the rangefinder will lock on to the pin and eliminate any chances of error allowing you to place the perfect shot.

But that’s not all. In addition to the flag lock feature the tool is also equipped with unique and innovative Prism Lock technology.

As soon as the device locks onto the flag or pin, the device will give you an audible alert ensuring that the device has locked and it’s time to note the readings.

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Hence, there is no error in your calculations with double assurance from the device itself.

This technology is further enhanced by Pin-Hunter 3 technology which is responsible for improving the laser pulse generation.

This feature will eliminate the false readings caused by background obstacles like bushes and trees.

As a result, the device will be able to lock on the flag easily without any risk of error.

This three-fold technology will ensure that you get the most accurate readings from the device.

Image Stabilization Technology

With most of the conventional rangefinders, one of the most annoying problems is shakiness.

If you do not have hands as steady as a surgeon, you might face trouble when taking proper measurements.

Not only this, but golf courses can also be unpredictable too. Windy days, early morning chills, or the nerves that accompany crucial moments can also bring in the shakiness.

To deal with this problem, the Leupold golf rangefinder is equipped with innovative technology that steadies both the laser and the image.

So, you will get the most accurate readings regardless of the external factors.

Whether you’re bracing against a blustery wind or succumbing to pre-shot jitters, Image Stabilization ensures that your aim is unwavering, translating into consistently on-target shots.

True Golf Range

Another feature that really surprised me was the True Golf Range technology. This feature is one of a kind, and I haven’t seen it in any other rangefinder.

It’s very similar to AI technology and provides data-driven decision-making abilities to the device.

The feature itself is very similar to the slope function that incorporates the elevation change and atmospheric conditions into the measured readings.

The slope will determine the incline or decline in the landscape and the pre-inserted atmospheric conditions will further enhance the readings to provide you with the most accurate strike-to-pin distances available.

It’s very similar to having a personal computer doing all the calculations inside the machine.

But that’s not all. What truly makes this feature exceptional is the Club Selector technology.

Based on the TGR data, the device will recommend the most appropriate club for the shot.

Hence, there will be no more confusion or second-guessing between the clubs.

As a beginner in golf or an avid learner, your strategic approach will be elevated to new heights with this amazing feature.

Digitally Enhanced Accuracy

Although the range might seem a bit less than other rangefinders’ max range capability, the Leupold GX-6C is still one of the most accurate rangefinders.

The tool is equipped with a lightning-fast ranging engine that provides you with quick and accurate readings regardless of how many obstacles exist in your path or how narrow your way is.

You get an accuracy of +/- 1 yard up to 700 yards with the flag lock feature enabled up to 450+ range.

Upon testing, I found this rangefinder to be one of the most accurate and reliable measuring devices.

Different Modes

The device is really convenient to use and comes with various features that enhance its capabilities.

When you are playing in fog or mist, you can activate the Fog Mode that will navigate through heavy of and mist to give you accurate readings.

So, you don’t have to worry about the weather or atmospheric conditions. The laser engine is extremely accurate and will provide precise readings.

Under normal weather conditions, you can switch to the continuous mode to get readings continuously to any object you point to.

The device is convenient to use, and you can switch between modes with just a press of a button.

Red Display

Another problem that users face with conventional rangefinders is the readout. Often in too bright lighting conditions, the readout might not be visible.

Hence, even though your device is providing accurate readings, you won’t be able to identify them correctly on the display.

Just like other innovative features, Leupold thought of something unique and introduced a bold red readout.

The red and bold digits are easy to read in all lighting conditions and provide the perfect clarity required for the job.

Waterproof Design

In addition to the fog mode, the device itself is protected against tough weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about the safety of the device in rainy or moist environments.

The device is fully waterproof and comes with a guarantee of perfect performance in wet conditions.

The weather seal will prevent any raindrops from getting under the skin while the fog mode plays its role and keeps the device clear and accurate.

Tournament Legal Play

Last but not least, the device is made for golf professionals and is legal for use in tournaments.

However, you cannot use the Total Golf Range (TGR) function and Club Selection feature in the tournaments.

These features can be turned off easily for tournament legal play. There is a TGR indicator on the front of the rangefinder.

When the indicator is green, that means the TGR has been turned off and the device can be used in the tournament as per local game rules. If the TGR function is enabled, the light turns red.

The device meets the USGA guidelines for tournament legal play.

What We Find Good

  • Stabilizes Both Image and Laser
  • True Golf Range with Elevation and Atmospheric Account
  • Eliminates False Readings from Background
  • Most Accurate Ranges
  • Innovative Club Selection Feature
  • Tournament Legal Device
  • Carrying Case Included
  • Waterproof Design
  • Fog Mode for Foggy or Rainy Weather
  • Bold Red Readout

What We May Not Find Good

  • Expensive
  • No Magnetic Mounting Capability

About the Company

Leupold stands as a beacon of precision and reliability, renowned for crafting exceptional sporting optics. As a fifth-generation, family-owned enterprise, the company has solidified its commitment to excellence in every area of its offerings.

From riflescopes to binoculars, and rangefinders to performance eyewear, Leupold’s products epitomize enduring quality.

The company’s dedication to relentless innovation ensures that each season, year after year, adventurers and sports enthusiasts can rely on Leupold optics to elevate their pursuits.

Final Word!

All in all, the Leupold GX-6C is an exceptional rangefinder with high-quality features but it is also one of the most expensive choices.

The stunning and sleek design of the device makes it an envy of the golf course. The device is equipped with various innovative features that truly make it an exceptional choice.

If it meets your budget, you should definitely consider this rangefinder as your golf companion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Are Leupold rangefinders good for golf?

A.  Yes, Leupold rangefinders come equipped with innovative features and advanced technology to provide the most accurate distance measurements to reduce your handicap in golf. So, they are quite good.

Q. Do Leupold rangefinders have slope?

A. Yes, but it is not termed a slope function. Leupold has gone a step further and introduced the True Golf Range which not only takes elevation into account but also atmospheric conditions to provide the most accurate ranges.

Q. Are Leupold rangefinders made in the USA?

A. The electronic design and firmware are made in the United States. However, the product itself is manufactured and assembled in China. Leupold has provided this information on their official website.

Final Word!

An excellent choice for both beginner and professional golfers, but I can’t say it won’t break the bank.

This is a premium choice and comes with a heavy price tag, but the compact body, stunning design, and innovative features justify the price.

The Leupold GX-6C is a technological marvel and will play a pivotal role in your golf career if you add it to your bag. Good Luck!

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